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13 In Memoriam: Lillebeth Foss (1930—2017)

12 Sigmund Skard: Plommer i egget

11 Nora Joung: Operette Morali

10 Exhibition A 025: Jakob Weidemann

09 Exhibition Y 003: Multiples

08 Exhibition Y 009: International Photography & Conceptual Art

Nan Goldin
Thomas Struth
Candida Höfer
Malerie Marder
Bernd & Hilla Becher
Jenny Holzer
Rosmarie Trockel
Cindy Sherman

On Friday March 10 Diorama opened the exhibition Y 009 International Photography & Conceptual Art, with a performance by Kurt Johannessen. The event inaugurated a series of three exhibitions that Diorama will host with artworks supplied by the organisation Kunst på arbeidsplassen (art in the workplace), of which Diorama is now a paying member. Y 009 was selected by Diorama from Kunst på arbeidsplassen’s extensive archive of pre-made exhibitions. The works were acquired and the exhibition assembled by Kunst på arbeidsplassen in 2003. It has since been shown at the following places:

2004: Consorte Group
2005: Riksarkivet
2005: Sintef
2006: Kredittilsynet
2007: Norsk Resy
2007: 3M Norge AS
2008: Patentstyret
2008: FAFO
2009: Film & Kino
2011: Menon Business EC.
2014: Fürst Med. Lab
2015: NRK
2017: Diorama

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—Exhibition Y 009: International Photography & Conceptual Art, 10 March — 23 April 2017, Diorama, Sannergata 25 N-0557 Oslo

07 Calle Segelberg: Logo till 30-åriga kriget

06 Sanna Helena Berger: The edge must be scalloped

05 Lise Soskolne: Bethenny

04 Nils Rundgren: The Underbidder

03 Sigmund Skard: Plommer i egget

02 Axel Ekwall: Big Sur

01 Andreas Slominski: A Hunt for Optimism