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13 In Memoriam: Lillebeth Foss (1930—2017)

12 Sigmund Skard: Plommer i egget

11 Nora Joung: Operette Morali

10 Exhibition A 025: Jakob Weidemann

09 Exhibition Y 003: Multiples

Nicholas Schöffer
Aase Texmon Rygh
Jan Voss
Julio Le Parc
Ed Sommer
Jos Manders
Erik Chambert

It is time for the second instalment in Diorama's exhibition series based on material supplied by the organisation Kunst på Arbeidsplassen, titled Y 003 Multiples. Unlike most of what you find in Kunst på Arbeidsplassen's archives, the Y 003 exhibition features objects with a three dimensional bent. Most of the works that make up Y 003 were acquired by Kunst på Arbeidsplassen from Henie Onstad Kunstsenter and Seriaal in Amsterdam in 1972, following the exhibition Kunst på boks (art in a can), which Kunst på Arbeidsplassen organised together with Henie Onstad Kunstsenter the same year. The 1972 exhibition at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter was dedicated to techniques that enable the production of multiple versions of the same work, like casting and silkscreening. The works that Kunst på Arbeidsplassen obtained from the Henie Onstad exhibition were first grouped under the label Y 002. In 1974 Kunst på Arbeidsplassen added Aase Texmon Rygh’s Asfaltblomst, purchased from Skulpturkontoret, to the ensemble and subsequently renamed it Y 003. The works have not been shown together since the late 70s. Y 003 at Diorama presents a curated selection from this final version of the exhibition.

—Exhibition Y 003: Multiples, 5 May — 11 June 2017, Diorama, Sannergata 25 N-0557 Oslo

08 Exhibition Y 009: International Photography & Conceptual Art

07 Calle Segelberg: Logo till 30-åriga kriget

06 Sanna Helena Berger: The edge must be scalloped

05 Lise Soskolne: Bethenny

04 Nils Rundgren: The Underbidder

03 Sigmund Skard: Plommer i egget

02 Axel Ekwall: Big Sur

01 Andreas Slominski: A Hunt for Optimism