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13 In Memoriam: Lillebeth Foss (1930—2017)

12 Sigmund Skard: Plommer i egget

11 Nora Joung: Operette Morali

10 Exhibition A 025: Jakob Weidemann

A 025 is the third exhibition at Diorama with works provided by Kunst på Arbeidsplassen (art in the workplace), of which Diorama, as of January this year, is a paying member. Procured in 1965, the twelve paintings by Norwegian painter Jakob Weidemann (1923-2001) that make up A 025, comprise the first exhibition of original paintings by a single artist acquired by Kunst på Arbeidsplassen. Initially, the exhibition consisted of ten watercolours and five oil paintings, but Kunst på Arbeidsplassen has since departed with four of the oils and one of the watercolours. In 1987 two watercolours, not part of the original ensemble, were added. A 025 at Diorama presents a curated selection from these twelve pieces.

The Weidemann purchase – made possible with support from Kulturrådet – marked a shift in Kunst på Arbeidsplassen’s collecting practices. Up until then they had largely been dealing in reproductions of historical works grouped around periodical or stylistic themes, in line with founder Harry Fett’s ambitions of educating the wider population in art appreciation. In the early 60s, however, sympathy for Fett’s overtly educational program started to wane. The workplace was no longer seen as an arena for a belated schooling of the worker in art historical matters; Kunst på Arbeidsplassen’s clients now wanted art that served a more decorative purpose. As the demand for the didactic style exhibitions assembled by Fett in the fifties declined, Kunst på Arbeidsplassen instead trained their focus on original artworks by contemporary artists. In the course of the ensuing decades, the organisation amassed a collection of more than 6000 individual pieces, incorporating everything from paintings, drawings, sculptures and textile works, to editioned photographs and prints. Still, the Weidemann suite has remained one of the more popular items in their portfolio throughout, something its exhibition history makes abundantly clear.

—Exhibition A 025: Jakob Weidemann, 23 June — 20 August 2017, Diorama, Sannergata 25 N-0557 Oslo

09 Exhibition Y 003: Multiples

08 Exhibition Y 009: International Photography & Conceptual Art

07 Calle Segelberg: Logo till 30-åriga kriget

06 Sanna Helena Berger: The edge must be scalloped

05 Lise Soskolne: Bethenny

04 Nils Rundgren: The Underbidder

03 Sigmund Skard: Plommer i egget

02 Axel Ekwall: Big Sur

01 Andreas Slominski: A Hunt for Optimism